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Here We Go Baby [entries|friends|calendar]
Angela D. Torre

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[31 Jul 2007|08:14pm]
So yesterday Larry and I celebrated seven spectacular short amazing months of our relationship. We had fun. We baked a rasberry pie, i filled out an application to Key Food, we went hiking up a mountain to a fire tower, i was too scared to go up more then two flights, I am not good with heights. We went back to his house, we went out to dinner at Arianos and then rented Gridiron Gang and watched it.  We had a great day. Happiness. =] And today I did squat. Nothing nothing nothing, and oh laundry, and oh NOTHING. But no complaints it was a good nothing day not a bad nothing day, yanno? :)

[16 Jul 2007|06:24pm]
So lifes boring. Today I just went to the gym. Thursday I have the zoo. And lifes swell. I applied to two different places. And I need a job, so we hope for the best.

[11 Jul 2007|11:30am]
[ mood | tired ]

Okay my faithful viewers. It's been 32 weeks since I have even logged onto livejournal but i am back. Yipee. Since 32 weeks ago my life has changed drastically. People have gone out of my life, people have been dieing, and people have come into my life for the better. Got it, well If you don't I will explain it to you all. Okay so here we go.

  1. Larry
  2. Lenny
  3. California
  4. Joy
  5. Trish
  6. Nickey
  7. Rich Costa
  8. School
  9. Regents
  10. My future

  1. Yes yes things have changed. Since last post when I was still falling for Lenny and Larry has asked me out on a date. Holy shit that's a long time ago but anyway. So I did hang out with Larry and come December 30, 2006 I and Larry began to date. Yeah we ended up in a relationship. Believe it or not, amazing right? And along with that one, we're still dating. I think I could love him, but I'm a puss in boots so I get scared of the thought.
  2. Lenny and I? Well we're friends, we stopped talking really. But I drink with him and hang out sometimes with him and Larry's friends but that's about all Lenny and I will ever share with each other ever again.
  3. California, well the rest of my trip was the same as last post except I got trashed and completely blazed on the beach one night with my mother and sister. It was a good night, and I made a friend out there. We still talk and he's waiting for me to get back out there so we can party again. That's a fantastic thing to look forward to, right?
  4. Joy, not friends anymore. We hate each other. Deeply. It's upsetting she was one of my closest friends and she was always there for me. But shit happens. People come and go in life and what are we supposed to do about it?
  5. Trish and I have formed a best friend thing along the 32 weeks but it's slowly fading away. I hope to save it as soon as possible, she really is a great friend. And not someone I really look forward to losing anytime soon.
  6. Nickey is one of my best friends now. I hang out with her almost every damn day. But it's cool. Because we are, got it? We drink we party, normal teenage things girls do together.
  7. Remember Rich Costa? I don't even know if I posted about him. Well anyway I liked him he liked me dicked around, and then we stopped talking he hated me I hated him. Nasty relationship honestly. But whatever. We're friends again. He wants to hang out now and then but I'd rather just keep it as an online friendship, nothing more.
  8. School, went swell besides losing one of my best friends. I passed all of my classes with High 70's and 80's. I can't complain I earned my 8 credits and that's all a student can ask, i think.
  9. Regents? Yeah I flipped out, I thought I wouldn't pass my bio, I ended up getting an 80 on it, along with an 81 in math and a 77 in the global regents. Sucky grades but fuck it, I passed.
  10. My future. I am going to graduate early next year. After graduating I am moving to California. It's a huge change and I am not sure I am ready for it. I am leaving a shit load of life back in New York. And It's going to suck. But Larry told me to look to the better half of the light. And It's true. I get to start new, no one knows me but a couple of people. I'll be out of high school and I will also be in college at 17 years old.  Which is cool, cause i mean I graduate high school at 16, I hope that's impressive. Other then my recent future. I just hope for some kind of intimate relationship in the future with Larry. I really do. We have plans, cause we're cute.
So life has changed in the last 32 weeks.
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[24 Nov 2006|02:48pm]
California is boring. At least for Amanda and I. We do not know what to do with ourselves besides sun bathe and sleep and eat and walk around. Its nice since it is 70 here and 30 in New York though =) Larry asked me out on a date and I agreed finaly. Since Lenny went and got a damn girlfriend =[. So Jen that does mean no more Easter Easter
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[09 Nov 2006|10:12am]
In the words of Marshal Mathers

For all the weed that I've smoked
yo this blunt's for you
To all the people I've offended
yeah fuck you too!
To all the friends I used to have
yo I miss my past
But the rest of you assholes
For all the drugs that I've done
yo I'm still gon' do
To all the people I've offended
yeah fuck you too!
For everytime I reminisce
yo I miss my past
But I still don't give a fuck y'all

=). I love that chorus. Anyway on with the post. I may have strep who knows not me? But it is going away yipee! I go back to school tomorrow. =( I know it is a tragedy. Talon Talon Talon Talon. Yeah he is in my life, AGAIN. I might actually date him, I have nothing better to do, and he always lifts my spirit up. I look pretty today, but no one is around to see It. I took pictures but my camera sucks so they are not what I had hoped they would be. We win some we lose some aye? I was talking to Larry Monster last night for a good hour or so. He is wise, Larry is very wise. And we actually talked about stuff, not just kind of listening to the grasshoppers, score. Yesterday wasn't bad while I was home sick because Amanda came to my rescue. She picked me up at 11:30 or so and we went out and about with Sara. It was good stuff. Good freaking stuff. Alright, I am done. ♥.

[07 Nov 2006|11:43am]
dick dick dick dick
lieing to me so we can hookup
that is pretty pathetic
even lenny said so
and lenny is an asshole.

i am pretty grounded for being stupid
stupid me for thinking i could trust them
with some decent responsibility, idiots
i wish Vic was back he was the best.
Stupid airforce =(

Today is my fathers birthday
I made him a chocolate cake
with strawberry filling and
vanilla icing. It looks good. =)
Narcy bought him a camera
a very nice one indeed. and
his favorite cologne. If I
spelt that right. Probably not.

penis. penis. penis. penis.
i think i just need a few
jolly ranchers and lenny
and i will stop being so
god damn melancholy. it
does sound very reasonable.
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[26 Oct 2006|06:57am]
Hello strangers!
I know It's been quite some time since I've updated. Glad to say I've been keeping busy. With drama, boys, family, and school work. So what's been going on In my life. Nothing at all honestly. I wish I could brag but I can't. But I have a schedule now! Tuesdays I have soccer practice. Wednesday I usually go with Rich and Elliot to Marks for band practice. Thursday, soccer. Friday, go out get drunk with Elliot, Rich, Ant and others. Saturday, soccer games and then un-made plans get re-made, resulting in me wasted. Ta ta.

[19 Oct 2006|08:04pm]
Tomorrow, please come sooner? I can't wait for friday. Nothing like hanging out with mi amigos and just enjoying my friday night. I might have lymes disease. And If so there goes any soccer i wish i could play because i can't be in direct sunlight. Imagine that being an actual disease. Well It Is, horrible horrible. I pray I dont have It though. I get the results today, tomorrow or monday. And then IF It's negative I have to take It again because I found a deer tick on my neck last night. Blows, but at least my mom gets to do it for me.

[14 Oct 2006|01:12pm]
My social life, is the best. I have a lot of friends. I don't have problems with anyone, except Nikole Grey. =) But she won't even say anything to me. I'm at the top of my game. I went out last night with Joy, Rich, Elliot, and Ant again. Like last friday but this time I was with Joy not Kristen. Anywhore. It was exciting I guess. It's better then a friday night spent at home. A lot of walking but that does the boodah good right? Anywhore, I have the soccer game today, wooo! I'm soo excited, you have no idea guys. I miss being a soccer player so I hope that my night last night doesn't fuck up my game. Cause you know I roll like that some times. And I pimped my myspace. check it out. (Click here)

[09 Oct 2006|08:58pm]
Talon apologized to me for not being able to give me advice on Lenny. Joy slept over and left my house with a dog... lol Not one of my three a different one. Not Zoey, Boo, or Baby. Just a dog that wasn't mine but needed a home. I went to Nicoles house with Joy as well. We had fun. Lots o fun. I talked to Lenny about nothing significant. I baked a cake at 11:45 at night with Joy then put stars and moon sprinkles all over it and gave it to my mom. With some missing though. Amanda went to the emergency room cause she cut her funger down to the bone, passed out hit her head and now she has a concussion. Sucks man, I'm worried about that crazy lady that's my sister. My mom says I don't spend enough time with her. Steve got a job. Has had one for a month now. But I wasn't allowed to tell ANYONE. And I did it. Then Steve told my mom. I cried. I miss him havn't seen him since August and won't until November probably. I talked to my grandma, she wasn't sure who I was, or where she was. It was increasingly sad... very sad. I'm going to my old soccer teams practice tomorrow to train them. Because everyones telling me that they need help cause they suck. So I'm going to train them =)
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[04 Oct 2006|08:50pm]
I told Lenny boo how I felt about him today. In a note cause I couldn't spit it out =]. Yes Jen Lenny as In "Easter Easter" The way I wrote the note though I think he thinks I meant It in the friendly way but I didn't. I meant it romantically but I got a hug and a kiss anyway. Oh Lenny dear It's been four years and still I look down your street everytime I go past It. And still my heart jumps when I see you waiting for me. Aaaah Lenny drives me crazy I love It. Talon I guess was just my Lenny substitute... he's just like him, stupid, ignorant, an asshole, sarcastic, mean, immature, no common sense. =) Just kidding, Lenny's mature, has common sense, isn't very ignorant, but... yeah lol I'm done and I'm in such a great mood AH
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[18 Sep 2006|04:14pm]
Man he must have a story
`Cause the way you look
Tells me something shook your world apart
it's dangerous to get too close
I like most, carry a ghost of lost love with me
It's not easy

Borrowed time.
The seasons
They're in her eyes

It breaks your heart.
Consumes you
And though they tried
Noone can find the words for it
But on your road and its a lonely road
And the strength you yearn
You only earn with time
It's not easy

Borrowed time.
The seasons
They're in her eyes
Borrowed time.
The seasons
They're in her eyes

Man he must have a story
Cause the way you look
Tells me something shook your world apart
It's not easy

Those are the lyrics. I dont feel like doing good in school anymore honestly. Like Mike has just proven that working your wass off means nothing in the end. We're all going to die anyway. Not fai un-just. I just don't want to care anymore. Good people get what they deserve only to enjoy it for a few short moments. It's gay. Too gay. But I'll go on and forget I ever said It and meant it anyway. Life.Angie.Funny

[17 Sep 2006|01:19pm]

That's the puppy im sadly supposed to be getting in about a week or two. Why!?!?!?! So gay. I descovered this artist named Cakehole Presley and I like it. You can hear one of the songs (Here) I just like the tone. I can't find the lyrics anywhere but they're really good. Or at least I think so. Blah.
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Dan Vasi = Amazing. [14 Sep 2006|02:48pm]
Me with a crush eek! He's soo much different then Talon is, he has different morals, different goals, hell a totally different personality. And I like that. It's new it's different. But It's NOT mine which sucks. It's NOT anyones right now but he's having his own problems with girls. So I just pretend I don't want to just hold him and tell him everythings going to be okay and just blaintly say it instead. Which sucks because I want to just hold him and show him warmness and some comfort and that no things arn't okay but they will be if he lets them become so. Dan-O (Dan Vasi) is making me into a better person. Improving my social skills, de proving my cursing skills =) All around we're helping eachother together. Team work hah! We're the Cream Team as we claimed but who knows. I think we're just two tired kids.
Schools been a big stresser for me. I have really fun classes and all but along with fun comes lots and lots of work for each class. Which sucks because I'm lazy. Today I don't have much homework. Maybe none at all. But then again I have a test in 3 classes as well! I just wish I could handle my stress a tid bit better It gets hard sometimes I know It, and I can tell myself that and try and treat myself like I treat all my friends but I'd feel like a douche and put myself down more for trying to have a split personality in an awkward way.
Home life is still not good. Which sucks balls. It sucks when my safe haven should be my home and its everything but so. But still mon maison. And everyone loves it here when they arn't around to be brought down. Except Joy she's around when I'm frustrated but she just helps me out. YAY FOR A BEST FRIEND.
I'm worried about too many people. Want a list, cool no need to ask! My mom, My brother, My sister, Dan-O, Jesse, Kristen, Joy, Rebeccah, Talon, Ty, Don, and myself at times. Like now worried aaah! I need like to chill out and go to a spa or something. =)
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[11 Sep 2006|06:19pm]
So this is what it's like when someone smashes something in your face every single minute. I feel bad for the people who really really knew people who died because today, tomorrow and the day before today must be the worst ever. They don't need specials, they don't need announcements they know exactly what day it is, they are fully aware of what days it might be they breahte the damn event every damn day and it's not fair. I know what It's like to have somethign remind you of a tragic loss every moment you turn your head. A song being heard, soemone who looks like them, seeing their work place, it's horrible. And the media should just let up a bit. We're aware it's 9/11. It's a tragedy, I didn't know anyone really really well that was there, but I recognize their faces every year sometimes, the cops I've met and taken pictures with, the firefighters I'm sure I saw once in a million times while down int he city with my father and uncle. It's sad to think about and for them, for the lost lives. I can't speak for them, because they can't speak for themselves anymore. But then again If I could, I wouldn't have anything to say anyway. ♥

[02 Sep 2006|12:55pm]
I got my nose pierced finaly!. I'd take a picture but im sick and no make-up on. ^_^. I'm happy I got the job, thanks to my new friend Rich who just happens to be my boss's son. I didn't know that until after I met him. He beat my ass in Mario Party 3 or 4 i don't remember.
What's going on with Talon and I? We might get back together but the answer is very un-sure as of right now. I just can't decide whether I want to put him and myself back into that situation.
I bought a pair of pants yesterday =]. That's not important but I wanted to let you all be aware of that. That's all for now. Oh and I lost my school schedule already aaaah!
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[31 Aug 2006|12:10pm]
After three days of getting upa dn going to work until noon. I FINALY get a day off tomorrow. Which will be spent with my mother dearest =]. I havn't had a mother and daughter day with her in over a month. It'll be a nice thing to have. Phew im tired and smell like breakfast, though that may smell good its an awkward smell to have as your own. So I will take my shower and prepare for my dentist =).

[29 Aug 2006|09:22pm]
one day the dreamers died within us
when all our answers never came
we hid the truth beneath our skin but
our shadows never looked the same

a ghost is all that's left
of everything we swore we never would forget
we tried to bleed the sickness
but we drained our hearts instead
we are the dead

and when we couldn't stop the bleeding
we held our hearts over the flame
we couldn't help but call it treason
after that we couldn't fill our frames
after that our shadows never looked the same

in summers past we'd challenge fate
with higher pitch and perfect aim
and standing fast, we'd radiate
a light we loved but never named
but the answers never came
and our shadows never looked the same

a ghost is all that's left
of everything we swore we never would forget
we tried to bleed the sickness
but we drained our hearts instead
we are the dead
a ghost of everything we thought but never said
we tried to bleed the sickness
but we drained our hearts instead

we are the ones who lost our faith
we dug ourselves an early grave
we are the dead, can we be saved?

Talon called me Angel when he texted me. He never calls me that anymore. Once in a blue moon. It made me very happy and content. I had work at Cafe Piccolo today. It was decent. I suck but I did okay I guess. I can tie boxes really well as far as I'm aware. =]]]. Jesse's mother passed away today. I wish him good luck with himself. It's going ot be tough for him and I wish I could help but after Chris I'm well aware that no matter what anyone does or says he has to help himself. Which sucks bad cock. =((

[25 Aug 2006|03:47pm]
i may possibly work at Cafe Piccolo i have a tryout day on tuesday wish me luck. I have a cool schedule I didn't get Mr. D for science or Mr.Emery for math but hey!

1) English sci-fi-Lewis
2) Math- Uszak
3) Visual Basic-Faitakes
4a) Gym- Davenport
4b) LVNG Env.- Rizzo
5) LVNG Env.- Rizzo
6) Global- Gillepsie
7a) Health- Collins
7b) Lunch
8) French- Giamanco

Yeah I might drop lunch and grab an elective. Not too sure on that one though. We will see.
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[23 Aug 2006|11:54am]
I know alot of people. I mean a lot of people. But I hang out with about 2% of them =[. That's soo retarded.

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